Our Set Up

“A small breeder since 2005, with the back up of an experienced, established breeder”

We run a small herd of around 30 alpacas.  Keeping our herd size modest means that we get to know our alpacas better and can spot early changes in behaviour that can indicate a problem.

Chris checking she is OK

Chris checking the new cria is OK

Our alpacas are very much a part of our family.  They generally have been handled by our children, have experienced our dogs on a daily basis and even our cats when they venture into the field.  We use a field next to our chicken and ducks for our pregnant and nursing alpaca so many of our alpaca have also experienced them.

We are very lucky to receive support from Tim Hey of Inca Alpaca which enables us to call on advice from a very experience and longstanding alpaca breeder (and judge) and make use of the super purpose built facilities for example to arrange export of alpacas.

Our Animals

“If you want alpacas with useful fleeces you need to make sure you select quality animals which will give you that”

Our focus when breeding is to improve on fleece characteristics with each generation.  Therefore most of Amiryck alpacas have pedigrees containing some of the top alpaca in the country.  They have all been bred/selected for by their combination of positive traits.  Despite having a number of males on farm, we still choose to travel to select the most appropriate stud males, to ensure our goals are achieved.   We also like our alpacas to have a pleasing look and you should be able to see similarities in the head styles in particular of the alpacas we breed.

We aim to halter train most of our alpaca to make them easier to handle.  Individual or small numbers of alpacas being relocated between fields are normally moved on halters.

All our animals are registered with the British Alpaca Society

What you get when you buy Amiryck Alpacas

  • Alpacas which have been carefully selected/bred for their fleece characteristics
  • The assurance that steps have been taken to ensure Amiryck alpacas are as happy and healthy as possible
  • Your alpacas health records including details of their last vaccinations
  • Honest appraisal of the potential of your alpacas
  • Your alpacas ownership transferred with the British Alpaca Society into your name.
  • Documented information on care and husbandry
  • Amiryck will arrange and pay for all veterinary export testing and documentation to take place for our alpaca to be exported into any EU countries.
  • Support and advice whenever you need it

We will not sell individual alpacas to homes where they will be on their own.  Alpacas need company of at least one other alpaca and preferably more.

Alpacas are pretty easy to care for.  We will not sell alpacas to homes where we feel they won’t receive the basic attention or requirements they need and deserve.

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