We are based Near Hemyock in Devon.

Our Ethos

Alpacas are traditionally bred for their fleece.  Alpaca fleece is soft, luxurious and hypoallergenic with excellent thermal properties. Bearing in mind our “end product”, we are striving to improve on fleece characteristics with each generation.   We need to be producing as much fine fleece as possible per alpaca.  We therefore select to improve fleece quantity by looking at fleece length and density and quality by selecting for fine, consistent fleeces.  If we lose sight of this we end up producing alpacas that aren’t useful, and consequently hold little value, commercially. It is also important our alpacas are healthy and happy to make them as easy as possible to look after.  We therefore aim to select for well conformed, strong animals. For this reason we actively select good quality animals for our breeding program and engage the services of some of the top stud males in the country!

Our History

We purchased our first alpaca in December 2005.  We started with five females; Annie and her daughter Diva.  Annie’s brown cria Halo and Diva’s twin crias Harmony and Hosanna.  Harmony and Hosanna were one of the first, if not the first, twin cria to be born and survive in the UK.

We have since had a number of cria born here and our herd size has increased by a fair amount.  Some of our original alpaca have gone to new homes and others are still with us, now joined by others. With quite a few members of the family involved in alpaca, Karen can often be found at alpaca shows, lending a hand in the ring.

 We are members of the

British Alpaca Society and the BAS South West Region Group

Karen Showing