Welcome to our the website for Amiryck Alpaca.  We hope you will be able to find out a bit more about us, and our alpacas here, including our alpaca for sale.

Alpacas are wonderful animals to keep. They make fabulous pets, chicken and sheep guards or for those looking for something a bit more rewarding they make very natural breeding animals.  Amiryck have some fantastic alpaca for sale.

We focus on trying to produce quality rather than quantity so that our animals produce usable fleeces for the fibre industry.  After all that is what it is all about!  We generally use outside stud males.   Selecting top quality studs suitable for each individual female to improve on their positive traits.

Amiryck - Alpaca for saleWe usually have alpacas available for sale; breeding females, potential stud males, wethers for use as sheep guards, poultry guards or just as pets. Please see our sales details or contact us for more information.

We are based in the South West of England near Hemyock.  On the Devon / Somerset border, UK.

Members of the British Alpaca Society and South West Alpaca Group.

Alpacas are fairly low maintenance compared to a lot of other livestock and are enjoyable to keep.  Their husbandry regime is minimal and most tasks can be undertaken by the competent owner.  They require nominal feed supplementation and a fairly basic set up (including access to some form of shelter).  So most of the time you can just sit back and enjoy .  There is nothing better than sitting out in the field with them surrounding you!

Alpaca fleece is just fabulous – just ask knitters and spinners! Find out more about alpaca fibre and characteristics of the alpaca fleece on the BAS website, or by clicking here.  It is soft and less itchy than wool.  It lacks lanolin so is great for people allergic to it.  It is hard wearing, strong, insulating, water resistant and flame retardant.  Why not consider buying some alpacas and producing your own!