Our annual shearing went very well last week and we were fortunate for the following couple of days the weather was dry and warm.

We sent off our fleece samples this week to AAFT Europe and were thrilled to receive the results the day after they would have arrived.

We were even more delighted with the stats.  Considering our youngest alpacas are  two so we didn’t have cria fleeces to improve our stats, we were really pleased that over half of the herd were graded fine or better and about a third were graded superfine.

We try our best to breed healthy animals with commercial fleeces after all this is ultimately the “end product” most people want.  We are seeing so many alpacas being bred now with no consideration to fleece qualities and their progeny are then not desirable because they offer very little commercially.  As an industry I believe we must keep our eye on the end goal.  Hopefully we are getting something right here!